The trend for gated community societies is growing in India. They are observing a substantial rise in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. 

According to research, about 24 million families will reside in gated communities in the next five years. The reason is that the houses in these communities come with added benefits. 

If you want a house in a safe society with modern facilities, a gated community can be an excellent option. This blog explores the advantages of living in gated community houses. Before we move, let us learn what exactly it is.

What Does a Gated Community Mean?

What is a gated community? It is a question often asked by first-time homebuyers.

A gated community, also known as a gated society, is a residential area. It features controlled entrances and exits. 

Since the area is enclosed, regular pedestrians and automobiles do not enter inside. People have to pass through security checkpoints to enter.

These residential areas provide occupants with a sense of safety and security. Depending on the size and type of these housing societies, the housing options could be villas, apartment complexes and individual houses. 

Let’s learn how a walled housing society functions.

How Does a Gated Community Work?

A gated society is quite different from a regular neighbourhood. It gives more emphasis to privacy and security. Usually, gated residential communities function like this:

Managed Access Through the Main Entrance

These housing societies feature controlled access points with the main entrance gate.

Security Measures

These societies have security guards and surveillance systems at all entrance points. Therefore, only authorised persons get access. 

Identification of Residents

In gated communities, all residents get an identification card or sticker. Every time they enter the society, they show it to security personnel. If any visitor is coming in, they will need to check with security and provide details of the resident they are visiting.

Homeowners’ Association

In most gated communities, homeowners’ associations take care of the maintenance requirements of shared amenities. Additionally, the association is accountable for enforcing community rules and regulations. 

To understand what a gated society is, you must consider the benefits it offers. Let’s look at some primary benefits of buying a house in a gated community.

Advantages of Living in a Gated Society

Improved Security

Security is a primary reason people prefer to live in secured residential compounds. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, security is a crucial factor.

Gated community societies offer a safe environment to individuals and families. They have controlled access points, monitored by video surveillance systems and security personnel. 

These residential estates also minimise the risk of theft and vandalism. Consequently, residents feel safe. 


Gated community houses offer a great degree of privacy compared to open societies. Since these societies have controlled access points, only outsiders with legitimate reasons can enter inside. 

Individuals can enjoy their walk without any interference. Moreover, they don’t need to worry about traffic. The environment remains undisturbed by the presence of speeding vehicles.

Infrastructure & Amenities

The advantages of gated residential communities are not only limited to security and privacy. Most guarded housing complexes come with a well-maintained infrastructure and various recreational facilities. 

Depending on the gated society, it may have gyms, swimming pools, landscaped parks and trails. In some walled societies, you also get the facility of a community centre. 

Some luxury gated residential communities also provide their residents with the facility of spas and sports courts.

In short, gated communities meet the demands of individuals looking for luxury amenities. Living in such societies can contribute to a higher quality of life. Moreover, you get various recreational opportunities.

Serene Environment

Another benefit of a gated society is that you get a calm ambience. Unless it is an emergency, neighbours won’t meddle in your life. Generally, people mind their own business in such societies. 

Apart from this, there is negligible concern about noise pollution in closed housing societies. Occupants enjoy a quiet atmosphere. 

Some exclusive gated communities feature eye-appealing landscaping and a lot of green spaces. When greenery is around, you naturally feel calm.

You Make Social Connections

Living in a gated community provides you with a sense of community. These societies offer better opportunities to interact and connect with neighbours. 

You can make new connections while accessing the available facilities like a swimming pool, tennis court, gym, etc. Whether you are a family or an individual, you can seek a sense of community. 

Professional Maintenance

A gated society offers you complete peace of mind. You can relish all the luxury and facilities without bothering about their maintenance. 

These gated societies offer professional maintenance services. It includes trash collection, maintenance of roads, landscaping and security services. 

Nevertheless, the maintenance charges are often higher in gated complexes than in individual apartments.

Property Value Appreciation

Of course, the price of properties in the gated community is higher than regular independent properties. However, their value appreciates significantly with time. 

If you want to buy a property from an investment point of view, you can consider purchasing one in a gated residential community. You can get a high resale value for your investment even if the market conditions are not promising. 

A Safe Haven for Growing Children

Since houses in gated communities are comparatively safe and secure, they are ideal for families with kids. These housing societies have no open roads with moving traffic. 

Therefore, your children can play outdoors without fear of encountering strangers. Since entry and existing points are restricted, parents can easily monitor their toddlers and teenagers.


It won’t be wrong to mention that the concept of gated community societies is more than just controlled and monitored access. Living in these residential communities has various benefits. They fulfil all the requirements of modern lifestyles.

Besides added security, you get a well-maintained infrastructure and environment. If you want to upgrade your quality of life, buying a property in a guarded community can be an excellent move. 

Depending on the type of society, you will get various modern amenities. Explore the best available properties in gated societies with Ceyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding an apprenticeship – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

While gated communities serve numerous purposes, people primarily choose them for enhanced security, safety and privacy.

Moving to a gated community is a crucial decision. Some primary factors to consider include:


Research about the cost of living in a gated society. It must include property taxes, charges of homeowners association (HOA), and other expenses.


Make sure the community has advanced security surveillance systems.


Get to know about the kind of amenities you will get. They must align with your lifestyle.

HOA Rules 

Learn about the rules and regulations of HOA. Generally, these rules are about pet ownership, property alterations, noise levels, etc.

Research gated communities in your preferred location and visit them physically. Remember, different secured housing societies cater for people with distinct requirements. Make sure they meet your lifestyle. 

Speak to current residents to learn if the community aligns with your expectations. Seek the help of real estate consultants.

Gated community societies offer various facilities that meet the standard of modern lifestyle. For instance, you may get access to swimming pools, fitness centres and various recreational facilities. 

However, these properties come with a premium price tag compared to non-gated communities. If they suit your budget and lifestyle, investing in a gated community is always an excellent decision.

Whether a gated community or an apartment is better for you depends on your lifestyle and individual needs. Each option has its own advantages. 

What is best for you may not be ideal for others. Living in gated community societies is expensive, but they are better in terms of privacy and facilities. 

On the other hand, independent apartments are pocket-friendly. They come with fewer responsibilities but lack facilities.