Buying a piece of land in a city like Bangalore is a dream for many. This bustling metropolis is enticing people from different parts of the country. However, buying a plot is a crucial investment. Therefore, it requires thorough research. This blog lists a few vital things to check before buying a plot in Bangalore.

If you want to buy a plot in the city, make your journey smooth by reading this blog. It will help you avoid all the possible mistakes and make informed decisions. 

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Land in Bangalore

The thriving IT industry, growing economy, pleasing climate and vibrant culture are reasons individuals want to buy plots in Bengaluru. 

If you are a first-time buyer, things can be difficult for you. Various things should be checked on the property, from location to land documents. 

Some crucial ones include:

1. Location

Location is the foremost aspect to consider when investing in a plot. Bangalore is a vast and diverse city. Every location offers a unique living experience. 

You can choose the location based on your lifestyle, workplace and prospects.  

For example, if you want to live in an area with industrial parks and tech offices, see plots in Electronic City. 

People who want to enjoy the vibrant nightlife can prefer Koramangala. This area has a range of shopping streets, restaurants and cafes.

Similarly, people who want to reside in a residential area with a blend of natural beauty and industrial presence can consider buying plots on Chandapura Anekal Road.

Some of the renowned residential areas in Bangalore include:

  • Koramangala
  • Whitefield
  • Chandapura
  • Sarjapura
  • Electronic City
  • HSR Layout


The land-buying procedure involves a lot of expenses. Apart from the cost of the land, remember to include registration fees, legal charges and maintenance costs. 

Assess your financial capabilities and choose plot size and location accordingly. Generally, the prices for plots are higher in central areas.

Individuals who want affordable plots can check out the outskirts of the city. 

Land Use and Zoning Regulations

Land use policy is one of the significant things to check before buying land. Bangalore has different land use regulations for each locality. These regulations indicate the type of development you can do in a plot. 

In Bangalore, these regulations are designed under the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, 1961. You can visit the website of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to learn about the master plan, zoning regulations and land use maps. 

Remember, non-compliance with zoning regulations can lead to legal complications.

Verification of the Seller

Verify the identity of the seller. Do not hesitate to ask for residential proof and an Aadhar card. If any agent is involved, check the information of the plot owner carefully. 

Always work with a reputable real estate agent. Verify their past and current projects. If possible, talk to their previous customers. Also, visit their websites to learn about their credibility and reviews.

Choose ‘A’ Khata Plots

For those who do not know, A khata plots are properties that have received approval from BBMP. 

These plots enjoy various civic facilities of local municipalities. You can easily apply for water supply, electricity and sewage connections.

Furthermore, plots with A khata certifications get easy approval for construction and structural improvements. 

Visit the BBMP office or website to check whether the plot has A khata certificate.

Type of Soil in the Plot

Some new buyers do not bother about soil. Nevertheless, it is among the top essential tips for buying land. 

The type and quality of soil affect the structural stability of the construction. Different soil types have distinct capabilities when it comes to load bearing. 

Soil testing can help you identify whether or not the plot is suitable for intended use.

Measurements of the Plot

Take measurements of the plot to ensure you are getting the exact size as mentioned. If needed, seek professional help.

Potential Growth of the Neighborhood

Learn about upcoming infrastructure or development projects in your preferred area. Whether you want gated community plots in Chandapura or independent villa plots in Sarjapur, be aware of the potential growth in the nearby area. 

Find out if new metro lines, roads, and industrial zones are coming into the neighbourhood. These future development plans can affect your property values significantly. 

Local Transport & Connection

Undoubtedly, Bangalore is a perfect city to live in. Even though traffic in some areas can be challenging to deal with. 

Choose a plot in an area that is well-connected to primary roadways. If it is near a transportation hub, that is a big plus!

Basic Amenities

Electricity and water supply are two basic amenities you must look for when buying a plot. Inspect the supply of water and electricity in the area. 

Ensure there is no water shortage or electricity-related issue there.

Legal Due Diligence

Disputes and legal discrepancies can be risky for your investment. Therefore, legal due diligence is one of the key things to check before buying a plot in Bangalore. Make sure all the papers of the plot are valid and legal. 

Some important documents to check before buying a plot are below:

Documents to be Verified Before Buying a Land

Title deed

It is the most imperative document that ensures the ownership of the land. It must have your seller’s name. The title deed should be free from any possible dispute. 

Encumbrance Certificate

This certificate shows that the land is free from all legal or financial liabilities.

Release Certificate

If you buy land from the resale market that was purchased from a bank loan, ask for a release certificate. It is given by the bank when the load is repaid.

Land Use Certificate

Confirm the designated use of the land. Find out if it is for agriculture, residential or commercial purposes. The certificate mentions the legal use of the land. 

Receipts of Property Taxes

Make sure the dealer has paid all the property taxes. Otherwise, it will become your responsibility to pay all the property taxes. Consequently, get all the tax receipts in advance.

Khata Certificate

Before you buy a plot, make sure it has an “A” certificate. It will ensure that the plot has approval from BBMP.

Approved Layout Plan

Individuals planning to do construction on the land must get approval for a layout plan from the local municipal authority. 

Conversion Certificate

If the agricultural land has been converted into residential or commercial land, do not forget to verify the conversion certificate.

Mutation Register Extract

This register keeps a record of changes in ownership. The document is essential for updating land records in your name. 

No Objection Certificate

Depending on the type of land or location, you may need to get an NOC (No objection certificate) from the Environment or Pollution Control Board. 

If you purchase the land in an environmentally sensitive area, get an environment clearance certificate.

Sale Agreement

Review the sale agreement cautiously. The terms and conditions must be clear to all the parties involved.

Power of Attorney

If the plot is sold through a power of attorney, make sure it is legally valid.


Buying a plot in Bangalore is a crucial financial decision. Careful consideration and thorough due diligence can help you get a legit piece of land that meets your budget and requirements. 

We hope this checklist of things to check before buying a plot in Bangalore helps you make a wise investment. Evaluate factors such as location, legal compliance, and environmental considerations before deciding. Contact Ceyone to buy a perfect plot in Bangalore with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding an apprenticeship – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is buying a plot a good investment in Bangalore? Several people ask this question. Yes, it can be rewarding to buy a plot in the city for several reasons.

You can see it as a long-term investment that will be appreciated with time. However, choose the location wisely. 

Plots around Chandapura Anekal Road and Sarjapur have the potential for future growth. They offer a perfect balance of modern infrastructure and calmness.

You can visit the BBMP office to learn about the status of the plot. It must have an A khata certificate. Check for land titles, encumbrances, property-related disputes and other clearances. 

Should I reach a real estate agent or consultant for the plot-buying process?

A real estate agent can help you in various ways. They know how to buy a plot of land following all legal regulations. 

Besides, they can help you get a suitable plot and provide the necessary insights. Work with a reputable real estate company, having years of experience.

When you determine a budget to buy land in Bangalore, do not forget to include some additional expenses. These are charges of property registration fees, stamp duty, and maintenance.

It can be challenging to estimate the exact fair price of the plot. Factors that decide the cost of land include location, type of society and nearby amenities. Consult a local real estate firm to learn the market price.