Flat vs. plot is an age-old dilemma that often perplexes individuals when making real estate decisions. Both property types have their advantages. 

The choice of which one to invest in depends entirely on your budget constraints and personal preferences. 

This blog explores the primary difference between plot and flat so that you can choose whether plot or flat aligns with your goal. 

Before we find the dissimilarities between the two, let us learn their basics.

Flat vs. Plot: The Basics

What is a Flat?

A flat is a residential unit in a multilevel building. In metropolitan cities, you can see them in skyscrapers or high-rise buildings. Real estate agents sell flats in square feet or square meters. 

Flats can range from 1 BHK to 5 BHK. You can choose them as per your accommodation requirements. 

A flat can be furnished, unfurnished, or semi-furnished. It all depends on the housing society you are buying a flat in.

What is a Plot?

A plot is a piece of land with no structure. In short, it is an unfilled piece of land. In some cases, you may get walled plots. 

Generally, property dealers sell them in square feet and square yards.  

Plot measurement rules and regulations might vary depending on the city you reside in.

It is a fundamental plot and flat difference. Let’s get to know the dissimilarities between them based on different aspects.

Flat vs. Plot: Comparison Based on Different Factors

Nature of Ownership


When an individual buys a plot, they get full rights over that particular land piece. They also get ownership of the structure built on that plot. 

A plot allows you to choose the layout and design of the structure you want to build on this land. Nevertheless, it should be compliant with local laws and regulations. 


On the contrary, when you buy a flat, you get possession of that specific unit within the entire building complex. 

The control of common areas, such as a parking lot, hallways, stairs, and elevators will be shared by all flat owners of that building. 

Since the flat is already built, you can’t do structural modifications. However, interior changes are possible.



The financial aspect is a crucial factor when comparing flat vs. plot. As a plot doesn’t have any structure built over it, its initial cost is relatively lower than a flat of the same size. 

However, you must remember that the price of the plot varies based on local market conditions. 


Flats have higher upfront costs. In addition, buyers have to pay for services like maintenance, security, and access to shared facilities. 



You do not need to worry about the maintenance of your plot. 

Nonetheless, you may consider spending money on its landscaping and ensuring security. 


Flat owners take care of their units. For common areas, maintenance responsibility is taken by the resident’s organization. The members of this organization are elected by all flat owners residing in the building.

While the load of upkeep is less in flats, it causes an additional financial burden. Until you get possession of your flat, the builder will be accountable for the maintenance of common areas.



A plot has the upper hand in terms of privacy. It gives you the liberty to design your home as per your choice. With landscaping, you can enhance the privacy of your house.  


Flats, on the other hand, give you a sense of community. Since you share common areas with residents, you get a chance for more social interaction. 

Although, you might have to compromise on privacy in a flat. 

Value Appreciation


If you believe in long-term investment, buying a plot can be more beneficial for you. A raw plot in a prime location can get substantial appreciation over time. Ensure you buy a plot in a developing area.  


Like plots, flats also appreciate over a while. However, how much return you will get depends on the condition of the property. 

In addition, the location of the flat and the local real estate market would influence the overall cost of the flat.  

Rental Income


Until you build any room on it, you cannot rent it. Even if you lease it for gardening purposes, you should not expect much rent.


On the contrary, if you rent out your flat, you can start earning a decent income from rent. 

Now you know the difference between flat and plot, let’s learn which is better for you and why.

Flat or Plot Which is Better?

Do you want convenience and affordable housing options in an urban setting? A flat would be a better choice. On the contrary, if you want to customize your home and need a quiet environment, plot investment is a good option.

Things to Consider When Deciding Between Plot vs. Flat

  • Determining between flat vs. plot needs mindful consideration of your lifestyle and property preferences.
  • Evaluate your space requirements. Flats typically come with limited space.
  • Ponder your investment goals. Flats can provide immediate rental income, while plots will need more time for construction.
  • Learn the level of privacy you need. Flats share walls and common areas. Plots provide more privacy relatively.
  • Plots give you the flexibility to design and build custom homes, whereas flats have predetermined layouts.
  • Remember to evaluate your risk. Investing in plots might have more risk as property value depends on the infrastructural changes and developments of the area. In flat, you are already aware of these factors.


Both plot and flat offer benefits when it comes to investment. Deciding between flat vs. plot should be based on your individual needs. 

Plots offer privacy and liberty for customization but come with higher upfront construction costs. Flats provide you with a lot of amenities and a sense of community. Nonetheless, you do not get control over the entire property. 

No matter whether you want to buy a plot or flat, you can explore our listings.