When it comes to investing in real estate in Bangalore, the two options you come across are A khata and B khata. The subsequent option is significantly cheaper than the first one. As a result, individuals often wonder – is it safe to buy B Khata property in Bangalore? 

This blog post makes you aware of this property type. Also, you will learn the consequences of buying a B khata property. 

Without any further delay, let us get started.

What is B Khata Property in Bangalore? 

People exploring real estate properties in Bangalore often pose this question – what is B khata property?

B khata means the asset does not have legal compliance. It does not meet the guidelines of a local municipal corporation. These real properties might get the basic civic amenities but are not legit.

BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) is the municipal corporation accountable for maintaining the public amenities and infrastructural assets in the Greater Bengaluru metropolitan area.

All the properties that do not get legal approval from the BBMP are considered B khata assets.

There could be various reasons the property is under this category. For example, the property is built over revenue land or has inappropriate layouts. 

Some other reasons can be:

  • Incomplete certification
  • No adherence to zoning regulations 
  • Unclear titles
  • Any other violation of government guidelines

Is it Good to Buy B Khata Property in Bangalore? Risks & Challenges

If you search, B khata plots for sale in Bangalore, you will find numerous options. There is no shortage of property dealers that deal in them. 

Nevertheless, such properties often come with various risks. Some challenges that B khata property owners might face include:

Legal Issue

Plots and buildings with this label lack legal approval from the BBMP due to certain violations. The defilement could be anything, ranging from disputed title to land use violation. In some cases, it can be pending property taxes.

In 2023, BBMP reversed thousands of illegal A khata properties to B khata. Numerous khata fraud has been identified in the city for the past few years. 

Limited Option for Financing

Another challenge B Kahata property owners face is limited financing options. There are only a few banks which are providing a home loan for B khata property. 

Most of them are private and charge high returns. National financial institutions avoid providing mortgages to B khata properties. Moreover, these real estate holdings are not eligible for government housing schemes.

Resale Constraints

Reselling B khata properties is a challenge in itself. Legal issues and lack of clear titles often discourage potential buyers.

Moreover, it is not legal to sell and transfer the ownership of these properties. Even if a party gets interested, it won’t agree to pay the desired resale value of the property.

Impact of Regulatory Changes

Some B khata properties have flaws related to zoning laws and regulations. Alterations to these regulations can negatively affect the asset’s legality and usability. Such plots and buildings can’t get legal status at any cost. 

B khata land or house as an investment may prove a loss-making deal.

Limited Public Utilities

Accessing basic public facilities is a daunting task for B khata land holdings. Property owners may struggle to get facilities like water, sewage, electricity, and road infrastructure.

No Trade License

Land holdings with B Khata are also not eligible for a trade licence. It means owners can’t use these land and buildings for business or commercial activities. 

How to Avoid Buying a B Khata Plot or Building in Bangalore 

To avoid investing in a B khata land or house, follow the below precautions:

Due Diligence

Before you make any deal, conduct systematic due diligence to authenticate ownership. Check for all the necessary documents, such as clear titles, valid building plans, occupancy certificates and local regulation compliance.

Avoid Uncertainty

If you have even a slight doubt, avoid that property strictly. Unclear ownership history, legal disputes, and pending taxes are red flags.

Inspect Development Plans

Ensure you buy a plot or flat in an area approved by the local municipalities. Verify the property is not in a forest area or agricultural land. Furthermore, it should not be part of unapproved development plans.

How to Check if Property is A khata or B khata?

BBMP maintains a separate register for B khata properties. They are always in Form B Property Registry Extract.

You will need to check certain municipal records and documents to find the status of the property. 

Visit the BBMP office and request for a khata extract or certificate. Officials can ask for a property identification number and other related information to access the information about that particular real estate asset.

Alternatively, you can visit the official website of your BBMP. You can review a sale deed, title deed and other property-related information on the portal.

Can We Convert a B Khata Property into an A Khata?

Under certain circumstances, it may be feasible. For example, if the property exhibits minor deviations.

Before you apply for the conversion, clear all your dues, such as property taxes, penalties, DC conversion charges, etc. Thereafter, submit the following documents to the Assistant Revenue Officer, BBMP.

  • Sale deed
  • Title deed
  • Receipt of paid property taxes
  • Conversion certificate (If the land was in question due to non-agricultural use)
  • Clear blueprint
  • Khata extract certificate
  • Receipt of improvement charges paid to BBMP

Submit A khata application along with the above certificates and pay the betterment charges to BBMP.

You can also convert your B khata property into A khata online by following the below steps.

  • Visit the official Sakala website
  • Select the khata transfer option
  • Fill in the necessary details
  • Upload the mandatory documents
  • You will get a Sakala number through which you can check the status of your request.

Final Conclusion:  

Is it safe to buy B khata property in Bangalore? This is a subjective question. The safety of buying a B khata property depends on various factors. If there is a minor problem, you can convert your property by paying a fee. 

Nevertheless, if the land lacks necessary approvals, avoid that property. Incomplete documentation and land misuse can pose several legal issues in future. 

In addition, B khata property owners may face trouble obtaining loans and accessing electricity and water connections. Moreover, these real estate assets have less resale value.

We advise you to go for only A certificate plots and flats. If you are still in doubt, engage with real estate professionals or property experts. 

An experienced real estate company in Bangalore can guide you in recognizing potential drawbacks. 

Contact Ceyone to find a legit real estate property in Bangalore that matches your lifestyle and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding an apprenticeship – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Any land or construction that is not recognized by the BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) or BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike) is B khata.


Besides this, possessions with no occupancy certificate or plan approval are also considered invalid. Furthermore, the property on agricultural land also falls in the B khata category.

The legal standing of these estates is always under doubt. Some primary challenges can be title uncertainties, limited public facilities and development restrictions.

Not necessarily. Properties with minor issues can be entitled to A khata. You will have to rectify the violation and obtain the necessary approvals by paying a fee. 

Always work with reputable real estate agents and conduct thorough due diligence. If you are new to Bangalore, seeking professional guidance is necessary.

You can pay it online by visiting the tax portal of BBMP.

  • You can find an option for tax payment under the section “SAS Property Tax Payment”
  • Enter your application number, PID, and name and click on retrieve.
  • Now you can see all the information regarding your property.
  • If all details are accurate, click on the “Proceed” button. 
  • Choose an option for full payment or instalments and then the mode of payment.
  • Pay your fee and download your receipt.

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