Are you planning to buy a flat in Bangalore and wondering what should be a budget for this investment? You are at the right place. This post gives you an idea of the price for 4 BHK flats in Bangalore.

You must understand that the cost of buying flats in Bangalore varies based on various factors. This blog will explore each aspect in detail. 

So without any further ado, let us get started.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Flats in Bangalore

Bangalore is a big city. Spread over 741 km2, it has several neighbourhoods and towns. The real estate landscape of each area is different. Therefore, the price of a 4 BHK flat in every region cannot be the same. 

Some of the crucial price influencing factors for the flat are below.


Location is one of the primary factors that impact the price of a property. If you buy a flat in an urban area, having all the conveniences of a metro city, the property rates will be higher. Whereas in suburban areas, the flat cost will be comparatively low.

Like every city, Bangalore has areas where property rates are higher for specific reasons. 

For example, Whitefield and Electronic City are famous for being home to prestigious IT parks and software companies. 

Koramangala is renowned for its nightlife and shopping streets. Likewise, Malleshwaram is notable for its temples, conventional markets, and old-world charm.

In short, different places have distinct specialities that impact the price of real estate property. 

Types of Properties and Their Amenities

There are different types of 4 BHK flats in Bangalore. They feature distinct conveniences. Even in a similar location, the flat prices can be dissimilar. For instance, flats in gated communities are often expensive. Similarly, if you go for luxury flats in Bangalore, the cost can be higher. 

Generally, these flats offer state-of-the-art facilities, such as a swimming pool, gym, landscaped gardens, security facilities, and more. The size of a flat also matters when it comes to a flat price.

Construction Quality

The construction quality has a direct impact on the cost of the flat. If you are getting a cheaper flat than the regular market price, you must inquire about its construction quality. Some builders use low-quality building materials to reduce the overall cost.

Also, check the reputation of that builder. When searching for 4 BHK flats for sale in Bangalore, check for necessary approvals from BBMP, BDA, BMRDA and BIAAPA as well.

Market Trend

The real estate market is dynamic everywhere. Though not so frequently, it is subject to fluctuations. Sometimes, government policies, economic trends, and market trends may impact the cost of 4 BHK flats in Bangalore.

It is advisable to seek the help of a local real estate company. It can help you choose the best property as per your budget and as per the current market trend.

Infrastructure Development.

Upcoming future infrastructure projects are another cost-influencing factor for any real estate property in Bangalore. 

The presence of road connectivity, flyover, and public transport can increase flat prices. In places where metro projects or airports are projected, the property price increases several times.

Estimate price for 4 BHK Flats in Bangalore

Let us get to know the estimated price for 4 BHK flats in some primary locations of the city.

Electronic City

Located in Southern Bangalore, Electronic City is one of the prominent places in Bangalore. The city is situated in Anekal Taluk and covers an area of 800 acres. 

Electronic City is popular as an IT hub. It houses numerous IT companies and tech parks. Some of the renowned companies in Electronic City are Infosys, TCS, BHEL, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, etc.

Due to tons of employment opportunities and rapid infrastructural development, people want to buy flats here.

If we check the price of 4 BHK flats in Bangalore for sale, in Electronic City particularly, the price may range between 75.5 lakh to 5 Cr. depending on the locality and amenities.


Chandapura is another location that individuals prefer for investing in a flat. 

The area connects to the National Highway. Therefore, it has better accessibility. 

Once the area was popular for agriculture. 

However, today it is a well-known industrial area. Despite being a developing area, Chandapura has a lot of green spaces and serenity. Overall, it is an excellent place to invest in a flat. 

The price of a 4 BHK flat in Chandapura ranges between 1.29 Cr. to 8.1 Cr. The price varies based on locality, floor size, and facilities.


If you are looking for 4 BHK duplex flats for sale in Bangalore, the Sarjapur area can be worth exploring. It is situated in the Southeastern part of Bangalore.

Sarjapur is a 5-minute drive from the national highway, connecting Hosur, KGF and Malur.

Sarjapur is like an IT corridor. Whitefield and Electronic City are not far from here. If we notice the infrastructure development, numerous hospitals, schools and entertainment zones have developed in the area in recent years.

The cost of a 4 BHK flat in the Sarjapur region ranges between 1.78 Cr and 5.10 Cr. Again, it varies based on different factors.


The cost of 4 BHK flats in Bangalore varies considerably based on property type, location, amenities and other factors. This post gave you an idea of the price range for 4 BHK flats in some of the most desirable locations of Bangalore. If you want personalised guidance on buying a flat, speak with the real estate experts of Ceyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding an apprenticeship – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Bangalore is a metro city with all the modern amenities. It is one of the most preferred cities to live in India. You cannot expect exceptionally cheap properties in the city. Nevertheless, if you want affordable properties compared to central Bangalore, consider buying flats in Sarjapur Road or Chandpura.

Yes, you must make a budget for additional expenses like registration fees, stamp duty, etc. Confirm in advance about any hidden charges.

In most cases, there is often a scope for negotiation. It is advisable to reach a local real estate company. It can help you get a better deal under your budget.

You can reach banks and other financial institutes for home loans. They offer mortgages with different interest rates. Sometimes, builders do arrange loan facilities. 

Buying a flat in Bangalore requires massive investment. Therefore, you must be extra careful when investing. Take the following steps:

  • Conduct thorough research about property and builder
  • Visit the property physically
  • Check legal documents
  • Verify amenities
  • Learn about Payment terms

Last but not the least. Seek advice from real estate experts to make an informed decision.