Griha Pravesh is an auspicious ritual in Indian culture. This housewarming ceremony marks the entry of a homeowner into their new residence. This blog introduces some crucial Griha Pravesh dos and don’ts following which you can ensure a smooth transition to your new house.

Before we jump into the dos & and don’ts of the home opening ceremony, let us learn its relevance.

Why is New Home Griha Pravesh Puja Important in the Indian Culture?

From spiritual to family bonding, there are various aspects of the new home opening ceremony. It is a deep-rooted tradition in Hindu culture that symbolises the journey of homeowners into their new houses. 

Some crucial aspects of the new house opening ceremony are as per below:


Griha Pravesh is a customary practice that has been passed down through generations. Therefore, it has become an integral part of Indian culture.

Religious Importance

Griha Pravesh is one of the primary Hindu rituals for a new home. It is believed that this housewarming ritual fills the new residence with prosperity and positive energy. The ceremony involves the worshipping of different Hindu deities and performing homa

Purification of the Home

The Griha Pravesh ceremony cleanses the negative energy from the house. According to Hindu mythology, drishti (negative energy) may ruin the prosperity of new houses. 

If you have just purchased a new house, you must perform Griha Pravesh worship before moving in. It has an important religious aspect. 

People believe that the ceremony removes negative energies or evil spirits that might be living in your new dwelling. It involves performing different mantras and a havan (fire ritual). The smoke of the fire ritual purifies the air and removes negative energy. 

Family Bonding

The Griha Pravesh ceremony makes the family bond more strong. Family and friends get together in this home-warming function that naturally strengthens their social bond. Moreover, it forms a sense of unity between families. 

Synchronisation with Nature

The new house opening ceremony is often celebrated on auspicious dates and events. It makes sure that the new house is in harmony with nature.

Good Fortune

Griha Pravesh’s worship brings good luck. As per beliefs, when homeowners seek the blessings of deities, priests, and elders, it brings prosperity and good luck.

Griha Pravesh Dos and Don’ts for Harmonious Housewarming Function

Griha Pravesh Pooja Dos

Make Sure the Construction Work is Complete

It is said that Griha Pravesh puja should be done once the house is ready to move. Some people move in before the construction work is not complete. Make sure doors, windows, wall paint or other construction work is not pending. 

Select an Auspicious Date for Puja

Moving to a new house is a special occasion. Make it worthwhile by choosing a special day for this transition. 

Performing Griha Pravesh puja on an auspicious day brings harmony and prosperity. 

Consult the suitable date and time with your priest or astrologer. They can better suggest the Shubh Muhurat (auspicious timings) for the new home Griha Pravesh puja.

Cleaning of House

Other Griha Pravesh dos and don’ts you must be aware of are house cleaning and purification. 

Clean floors, walls and all corners of your house deeply. Also, get your house purified as per the rituals.

Decorate Your House 

Adorn your house, especially the main entrance. Generally, the Indian Griha Pravesh housewarming ceremony decoration includes the creation of a Rangoli at the entrance. 

It could be anything from swastika to lotus flowers to lord Ganesha. Besides this, you can decorate the main gate/door with marigold flowers and mango leaves. 

You can also light the Diyas around the house to create an inviting atmosphere.

Breaking the Coconut

In Hindu culture, breaking a coconut is considered auspicious during special occasions. The tough outer shell of the coconut symbolises the ego, while the inner portion represents peace. 

Coconut breaking during Griha Pravesh purifies the home and removes any hurdles.

Enter the House with the Right Foot

For your very first step into the house, use your right foot. According to folklore, when you enter the house with your right foot, it conveys good fortune.

Hang Mango Leaves and a Lemon String

During the new home opening ceremony, a string of mango leaves and lemons are hung on the entrance gate. It is said that it absorbs the negative energy from its surroundings. 

Set up a Temple inside Your New Home

Some individuals neglect the Griha Pravesh dos and don’ts. Nonetheless, they hold an immense significance in Indian customs.

One important thing to do is establish a temple inside a new home. Ensure it is vastu compliant. 

Apart from this, do not forget to place idols of Gods in the east-facing direction.

Offer Prayer

Contact a priest to perform a fire ritual. Offer prayer to deities and seek the blessings of elders. 

Let the smoke of havan in every corner of your house. For those who do not know, the smoke of havan features healing ingredients that also eliminate evil energy. 

You can also perform pujas like Vastu Dosh puja, Ganesh Puja, etc., based on the suggestions of your priest.

Worship Lord Ganesha

Perform Ganesh puja before moving into your new home. You can do it after Vastu Shanti Hawan. Since lord Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, his blessings during the Griha Pravesh are crucial.

Carry a Brass Pot

Carry a kalash (copper pot) filled with coconut and water before entering the house. The act secures abundance and prosperity.

Feed the Priest

Once the Griha Pravesh puja is complete, feed the priest and guests well. Have good wishes from everyone. 

Griha Pravesh Pooja Don’ts

Avoid Inauspicious Days

Refrain from performing the new house opening ceremony on inauspicious days. Your priest can inform you about the specific unfavourable planetary alignments. 

Do Not Leave Your House Locked On Puja Day

The dos and don’ts of Griha Pravesh are deeply rooted in Hindu customs and beliefs. It’s essential to respect them. Avoid leaving your home locked overnight during the home opening ceremony. Light Diya to entice divine protection.

Postponed Ceremony in Case of Mourning

Avoid holding Griha Pravesh puja in case of pregnant ladies or the demise of close relatives.

Do Not Enter the Home with Dirty Feet

Make sure your feet are clean before entering the new home. Dirty feet are considered inauspicious.

Avoid Negative Thoughts

Refrain from engaging in negative thoughts, disputes and arguments. Remember, the ceremony is meant to invoke blessings and positivity. 

Do Not Use Broken Items

Avoid bringing broken furniture and other items into your new house. They are believed to attract negative energy.


The Griha Pravesh ceremony is the beginning of a new chapter of your life. It ensures the positivity, harmony and well-being of all your family members in the new house. The home opening ceremony is not a superstition but a time-honoured Indian custom. 

Observing the above-mentioned Griha Pravesh dos and don’ts, you can ensure a smooth transition into your new house. If you are in the process of finding an ideal home, explore the top listings with Ceyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Priests and astrologers determine them based on shastra or chart. Generally, they suggest auspicious days for this ceremony, such as Dwitiya, Tritya, Panchami, Saptami, Dashmi, Trayodashi, Ekadashi, etc. Some individuals suggest not performing Griha Pravesh on rainy days or Saturdays.

You can consult your priest to get a complete list of things required for a housewarming ceremony. Nevertheless, some essential puja items include:

  • Ghee, mango wood, and cow dung for a fire ritual
  • Mango leaves, marigold flowers and rangoli for decoration
  • Sweets, flowers and fruits for offerings
  • Turmeric, kumkum and rice for tilak
  • Gangajal (holy water) for the purification of the house.

The home opening ceremony is celebrated to attain the following benefits.

  • Removing the negative energies and influences.
  • Seeking the blessing for a prosperous life.
  • To promote harmony, love, and well-being of family members.
  • Strengthening of spiritual connection

Griha Pravesh is a Hindu tradition. However, people of different beliefs can adapt to this ceremony. They can celebrate the home opening ceremony according to their customs, spirituality and values. 

It is advisable to consult your priest. Usually, they suggest performing havan or vastu puja before moving any belongings to a new home