When it comes to property documentation in Bangalore, A Khata vs. B Khata is often a matter of confusion for first-time buyers. If you are also perplexed and wondering what is the difference between A khata and B khata properties, read this blog. 

We will delve into these two property registration systems in Karnataka. 

This in-depth comparison of A khata and B khata will help you make an informed decision.

So without any further delay, let’s get started!

A Khata vs. B Khata: Basic Insights

Whether you are buying a residential or commercial property, it involves certain legal procedures. In Bangalore, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) is accountable for issuing khata certificates to public and private infrastructures. 

The two common types of khatas are A and B. Let’s learn what is A khata and B khata.

What is A Khata Property?

This khata certificate is a legal document that demonstrates the ownership of a property. A khata document was launched by BBMP in 2007 to streamline property tax collection in Bengaluru. 

This paper contains information like ownership, location, type and dimensions of a property. Furthermore, it also encloses the property tax records. 

An A khata means the property is legal and authorised. You can use this document as proof of lawful ownership of your property when applying for loans and different building permits. 

What is B Khata Property?

B khata properties do not fall under the dominion of BBMP. In short, B khata means the property is not permitted by Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike.  

While these properties are not utterly illegal, they do not get the same benefits as A khata properties. 

Below is the difference between A khata and B khata based on different aspects.

A Khata vs. B Khata: Comparison of Different Aspects


Properties with A khata certification are legal and recognised. They meet all the guidelines of the local municipal corporation.

On the contrary, B khata properties are considered irregular. They lack essential approvals from authorities.


Real estate assets with A khata are subject to property taxes to authorities based on their value. Municipalities use these taxes to improve civic infrastructure and amenities. 

B khata properties are also subject to property taxes. However, they have to bear higher taxes because of their irregular status.  

Civic Amenities

A khata property in Bangalore gets several amenities offered by the civic body. For example, these properties are eligible for water supply, sewage and electricity connections. Lands and buildings with B khata do not get such facilities.  

Resale Value

Since A khata real estate assets have legal recognition, they have higher resale value. 

B khata properties might have a risk of demolition. Consequently, they do not hold upright resale value. Their initial cost looks attractive, but they come with significant risks. 


Getting a loan for an A khata property is comparatively easy. Most banks and financial institutes won’t hesitate to provide mortgages for legal properties. Nevertheless, for B khata properties, you get limited financing options. 

Is it Safe to Buy B Khata Property in Bangalore?

Is B khata safe? This question arises in the minds of several individuals. Well, buying this type of property can be a controversial decision. 

These properties do not get approval from BBMP. Therefore, questions about their legitimacy will always arise. 

B khata properties are always tempting because of lower prices. 

However, if they do not have clear titles, they may cause substantial trouble in the future.  

You may also get engaged in an ownership dispute. In addition, lands and homes with B Khata certificates encounter challenges while accessing water supply, electricity and sewage facilities. As a result, it is better to choose properties with A khata. 

Is there any way you can identify B khata properties in Bangalore? Let us find out.

How to check if a property is A khata or B khata?

What is B khata property in Bangalore? 

Remember, all the real estate properties that do not have proper legal documentation as per the BBMP are unauthorised. Primarily, there are two ways to find the status of a property.


You can visit the official website of BBMP to learn if the property falls under the A khata or B khata. To do this, use the ID number of the property in the portal.

Steps to check the Khata status online:

    • Visit the BBMP website.

    • Click on the “Property Tax” tab

    • Click on the “Khata Status” link

    • Enter the property’s ID number in the “Property ID” field

    • Click on the “Search” button


You can also visit the BBMP office to check the status of the property you are looking to buy.

It is advisable to conduct thorough due diligence before considering A khata vs. B khata options.

Can We Convert a B Khata Property into an A Khata Property?

Yes, it is possible if the property has minor irregularities. However, the process goes through various legal processes. For instance, if the property does not have an approved map, the owner will need to apply for it, along with a fee.

Similarly, if the property is on agricultural land, the owner will need to get a DC conversion to change the purpose of the land use. Before applying for a change of property, owners must clear all the dues and penalties.

Other documents that BBMP may require include:

    • Title deed

    • The property’s sale deed

    • Copies of paid property tax

    • Conversion certificate

    • Map of the property

    • Khata extract certificate

Khata A vs. Khata B: Final Thoughts

Khata properties in Bangalore hold higher regard due to their legal status. Such properties get a wide range of municipal services, such as sewage connections, water supply and property tax benefits. Moreover, these real estate assets have relatively higher value in the market. With A khata properties, you always have peace of mind. On the other hand, with B khata real estate properties, you will have to make efforts to provide them with A khata certification.

We hope this A khata vs. B khata debate gives crucial information about both property types. Learning about their distinction can influence your property investment decision positively. Individuals looking for A khata plots for sale in Bangalore can check out our listings.





Frequently Asked Questions


Finding an apprenticeship – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Whether you buy a plot or a ready-to-move flat, go for A Khata properties. They comply with the regulations of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike. Moreover, since they have legal status, they get all the benefits of municipal corporations. These include the legal connection of electricity, water supply and sewage.

Any individual who is a legal title owner of a property can apply for khata. Make sure you have all the property tax receipts, title deed and encumbrance certificate. These documents are required to apply for this certificate.

Undoubtedly, A Khata properties are a better option. Since they are legitimate property, you get peace of mind. Furthermore, such real estate assets can quickly get connections for water supply, electricity and sewage.

  • B khata properties are not authorised and legal in Bangalore. Therefore, they often have a risk of demolition. 
  • These properties are not eligible for loans.
  • Houses with B khata status have relatively lower resale value.
  • It is not easy to sell and transfer ownership of B khata properties. 

Yes, local municipal authorities can issue fines and penalties on B khata possessions. Depending on the nature of the violations, it can be a property tax penalty, regularisation fee, unauthorised construction fines, etc. In some cases, the property owner may have to face legal proceedings.