Are you planning to buy a flat in Bangalore? Great going! It is an emotional decision, and you may get overwhelmed. However, your feelings should not influence your opinion negatively. Below, we have compiled a list of 10 important things to check before buying a flat in Bangalore. You can consider them before taking this big step and ensure everything is smooth.

Your Ultimate Checklist Before Buying a Flat

If you’re investing in a flat for the first time, several things can go out of your mind. Therefore, create a checklist before acquiring a flat. It will help you define your priorities and manage your budget efficiently. 

Wondering how to buy a flat in Bangalore hassle-free? Follow the below points.

1. Set a Clear Budget

Setting a budget is an essential step for buying a flat. It will help you narrow down your options and keep a check on overspending. 

The flat buying process involves a lot of expenses. Apart from the flat cost, you pay registration fees, property tax and stamp duty. A well-defined budget helps you manage spending and avoid financial stress.   

2. Arrange Finances

Purchasing a flat in Bangalore requires a large amount of money. As a result, you should arrange your finances. If you need a home loan, research your options in advance.

3. Choose Location Wisely

Location is also one of the vital things to check before buying a flat in Bangalore. Once you have set a budget and arranged finances, your next step should be finding the best location that suits your requirements.

There are numerous prime locations in Bangalore where you can buy a property. Nevertheless, consider your preferences. 

For example, if you are looking for a neighbourhood with open spaces and good connectivity to Electronic City, purchasing a flat in Chandapura can prove a good decision. The choice should be purely based on your requirements and budget.

Remember to check proximity to your workplace, hospitals, school and public transportation when selecting the location.

4. Reputation of Builder

The process of buying a flat from a builder starts with researching their reputation. Since flat buying involves a massive investment, you can’t work with any random builder. 

Research about the builder’s track record. Make sure they complete projects on time without compromising on quality. If possible, look for feedback from previous buyers.

5. Inspection of Flat

Before you get involved in any legal terms, inspect the flat. Look for possible structural issues, water damages and needed repairs. Also, assess the condition of plumbing and electrical fittings. 

6. Size and Layout of the Flat

Carefully assess the physical condition of the property, including its size and layout. Determine the number of bedrooms you require. Also, check the size of the living space and bathrooms. Ensure the flat meets your current and future requirements.

7. Learn About Amenities

Get to know about the facilities available in the building complex. It directly influences the overall value of your flat. Depending on the type of property you invest in, you may get a gym, parks, swimming pools and security facilities.

In addition to this, make sure that the basic facilities like water and electricity are consistent. Learn about the source of backup power in case of power outages. 

8. Nearby Facilities

Apart from the facilities of the building complex, consider the amenities available in the surrounding area. Ensure your flat is close to educational institutes, hospitals, grocery stores and entertainment options.

9. Traffic Situation

Several individuals ignore it, but you must add this factor to your checklist before buying a flat. Traffic congestion is a significant issue in Bangalore. Traffic during peak hours can spend your hours in a jam. Therefore, traffic requires consideration. 

Try to get a flat in the locality that is close to your workplace. Choose an area with excellent public transportation connectivity.

10. Legal Documentation

The process of purchasing a flat from a builder involves several legalities. There are several documents to check. It is advisable to consult with a legal expert for a complete list of documents to check before buying a flat. However, some necessary documents to check before obtaining a flat from the builder are below.

Legal Documents: What to Check Before Buying a Flat

Title Deed

The document proves how an authority inherited, owned and transferred a property. It verifies the seller’s ownership of the flat. Make sure the title deed is clear without any dispute.

Sale Agreement

This document outlines the terms and conditions of the sale between the buyer and seller. This contract must include details like the sale price, payment schedule, date of possession, etc.

Mother Deed

This document traces the possession history of the flat. This original document must have an evident chain of ownership.

Encumbrance Certificate

The certificate keeps all records of transactions and encumbrances on the property over a particular period.

Property Tax Receipts

Other necessary documents you must look for are property tax receipts. These are the copies of property taxes paid by the seller. They help you with legal compliance

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

NOC ensures that there are no legal issues and dues on the flat. Also, it indicates that flat construction complies with the approved building plan given by the local housing development authority.


Make sure you get a legal Khata certificate. It is a critical document for the registration of the flat. It is also necessary for property tax purposes.  

Letter of Possession

As the name suggests, the letter confirms your possession of the flat. It will be given to you by the seller or builder. It ensures legitimate ownership of the flat as per agreed terms. 

It is not possible to keep all these things in mind when buying a flat in Bangalore. For your convenience, you can keep this flat purchase checklist handy.

Get Flat Map 

A flat Map or Naksha is an essential document that represents the boundaries, dimensions, and features of your flat. Make sure your builder provides it to you.


So these are the top 10 things to check before buying a flat in Bangalore. Buying a property in a city like Bangalore requires an immense investment. As a result, it requires careful consideration of different factors. By assessing flat amenities and other legal aspects, you can make an informed decision. Take your time to do thorough research. If required, seek professional help. You can discover your dream house in Bangalore with Ceyone.